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AFNU’s primary mission to support students through scholarships and to encourage connectivity amongst student, alumni and the university. To that end we solicit your monetary support to realize these initiatives. The vast majority of donations are directed towards scholarships as our operating expenses are minimal – none of AFNU’s directors and other contributors receive compensation.

To the extent you are looking to support Nyenrode, we encourage you to donate through AFNU which is a US-domiciled entity that allows tax deductibility to US tax filers.

It is the contributions of Nyenrode’s alumni, worldwide, that enable Nyenrode to attract talented applicants who otherwise might have opted to study elsewhere. Recent history has already proven that the Revolving Scholarship Program forges an even greater bond between our scholarship recipients, Nyenrode, and its alumni donors. AFNU will be certain to share the occasional success-story with all of you, and stands ready to provide specific case-studies or additional relevant info upon request.

On behalf of Nyenrode and its future star-students, AFNU thanks you in advance for your consideration, your generous donation and your continued support.

Depending on the donation level (see below) AFNU will send you an attractive Nyenrode-themed Delft Blue award to recognize your support. Kindly note that the tax-deductible part of your gift will equal the actual donation minus the cost of the Delft Blue gift you will receive.

Should you wish to discuss any planned giving initiatives please feel free to reach out to any of the board members.

Thank you in advance.

The AFNU Board







Delft Blue Nyenrode Tile (15 x 15cm) for a donation up to $1500 Delft Blue Miniature Castle (in cm: 20.5W, 6.5D, 12H) for donations of $1500 and up



But AFNU appreciates any contribution you can make no matter how small. 

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