July 22 to July 24 , 2020

TBD 2021?

The Exchange Student Reunion Committee 2020 hopes this finds you and everyone you love healthy. As you know, the Coronavirus situation has continued to deteriorate. Out of an abundance of caution and after extensive discussions, the Committee has decided to postpone the Exchange Student Reunion to the summer of 2021. New exact dates to be determined.  The decision considered that many of us are over 60 and therefore possibly more susceptible to underlying conditions. For those who are not in this demographic, the potential travel restrictions and uncertainties make it very difficult to confirm plans.

You can contact Metty to request a refund of your registration fees. 

You also need to email the service desk to cancel your campus hotel accommodations unless you choose to travel to Nyenrode regardless. 
The service desk address is : servicedesk@nyenrode.nl

Please do not hesitate to call or email us to talk, express your concerns, to suggest your preference for 2021, or even if you would like to be connected to others who might decide to be on campus this July.

We truly hope you will join us in 2021.  Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for this event. Keep a note on your calendars for 2021!!  We will keep you updated as to plans.


Your 2020 Reunion Committee

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